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Time Eternal

Reflections on AFCon 2017 and the Upcoming Relaunch of Time Eternal

On a new "Time Eternal," Dr. Nicole Roccas looks back on the biggest thing she took away from the 2017 Ancient Faith Conference, and discusses some changes that will hit the Time Eternal podcast in the fall.

Ancient Faith Presents

Be the Bee - It Is Finished!

We talk to Steven Christoforou, the director of the GOA’s Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, the co-host of the AFR podcast Pop Culture Coffee Hour, and the erstwhile host of the popular Orthodox video podcast Be the Bee.

Ancient Faith Presents

The Human Icon

AFR talks with Christine Mangala Frost, a guest lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, about her new book The Human Icon: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Orthodox Christian Beliefs.

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