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Family Matters

Forgiveness in Marriage

On a new "Family Matters," the podcast of the GOA Center for Family Care, Fr. Alex Goussetis interviews Presvytera Kerry Pappas (a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist) on the importance of forgiveness and renewal in marriage.

Human Exceptionalism

Whose Baby is Charlie Gard, Anyway?

Who should decide what is best for a child—the parents or medical professionals and the state? Wesley J. Smith takes a look at the Charlie Gard case on a new "Human Exceptionalism."

Anciet Faith Presents

For Rachel’s Children

Bobby Maddex interviews Marcia Brim, the host of the AFR podcast The Bible's Grand Narrative and the founder of For Rachel's Children. Click here to read Jessica's story, and click here to listen to the Brian Brock interview. Marcia can be reached at ForRachelsChildren@gmail.com. Please likewise view the attachment to this audio.

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