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  • Praying in the Rain

    Coming to Confession

    On a new "Praying in the Rain," Fr. Michael Gillis encourages us to get beyond "scribbling down lists of mistakes" to "allowing your reflection on your sins to break your heart" in preparing for the sacrament of Confession.

  • The Law of the Spirit

    Introducing The Law of the Spirit!

    You will love this new video podcast featuring Fr. Maxym Lysack as he tackles questions about the spiritual life. Enjoy the video or the audio version. In this inaugural episode, Fr. Maxym addresses the question "How can we see our sins in humility and how can we fight despair?” Listen to the audio version here or click on the image for the video version.

  • Orthodoxy Live

    Orthodoxy Live - August 17

    On this episode, Fr. Evan Armatas tackles questions about people who have left their Orthodox roots for Protestant churches, suicide, the anger of Jesus, violence in the Old Testament, and the placement of icons.

  • Ancient Faith Presents

    Orthodox Christian Mission Center

    Bobby Maddex interviews Presbytera Renee Ritsi, Teams Associate Director and Healthcare Coordinator for the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, about some mission team opportunities for both this year and 2015.

  • Speaking the Truth in Love

    Dormition of the Theotokos

    On August 15th, the Church celebrates the Dormition of the Mother of God. Fr. Thomas Hopko explores the theology associated with this Feast and the implications for our own resurrection.

  • Ancient Faith Today

    Farewell Kevin Allen

    John Maddex joins Kevin Allen as they make an important announcement about Kevin's retirement from Ancient Faith Today. We wish God's blessing on Kevin as he enters the next phase of his life. Be watching for an announcement soon about a new live call-in show for the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.

  • Parables of Community

    New Podcast - Parables of Community

    Stories of the lives of the people who come to St. John the Compassionate Mission, an apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese located in Toronto, Ontario. Listen here as Fr. Roberto Ubertino, the Founder and Executive Director of St. John's, discusses the open doors of the mission.


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  • Coffee Cup CommentariesI Corinthians 16:13-20
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  • The Morning OfferingIncense
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  • Glorificando a Dios DiariamenteAgosto 20, 2014
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