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Time Eternal

A Time for Illness with Elissa Bjeletich

"When my friend Elissa’s daughter was still a baby, she had to undergo a risky liver transplant. Elissa and I think back on that time and the way our experience of time changes during times of illness, whether it’s we who are sick or a loved one": Host Dr. Nicole Roccas on a new "Time Eternal."

Ancient Faith Presents

Catholic School?

What if there is not an Orthodox school in your region, and public school is simply not an option? Is Catholic school a viable alternative? Bobby Maddex interviews Zach Cunningham, the principal of St. Mary Magdalen School in Everett, Washington, to find out.


The Feast of Byzantium

The Feast of the Elevation of the Cross could also be called The Feast of Byzantium.

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What a blessing Ancient Faith Radio has been and continues to be to me personally and to the Church! You and your staff are doing a huge service by providing edifying and educational programming, music and information for Orthodox faithful and inquirers. It’s been a joy to see so much growth and diversity in your programming just in the past year. May God continue to bless this ministry as it utilizes modern technology to help us on our path to salvation and introduce seekers to Christ and the "ancient faith" of His Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church.
— Valerie Yova, St. Athanasius Orthodox Church, Santa Barbara, CA

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