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August 3, 2015

Fr. Evan Armatas begins with a conversation with Fr. Tom Tsagalakis, from Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. They discuss together a sensitive question written in by a father who is struggling to communicate with his daughter. She has expressed confusion about her sexual identity

Ancient Faith Commentaries

Marriage and Sexuality

Fr. Philip LeMasters argues that it has always been a component of Orthodox teaching that the uniquely life-giving union of man and woman is unspeakably holy and a sign of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Human Exceptionalism

Cecil the Lion

The killing of Cecil the Lion is a bad thing. On a new "Human Exceptionalism," Wesley J. Smith explains why while differentiating between animal rights and animal welfare.

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My good wife and I awake every morning to the beautiful messages from you and your lovely group—mostly converts to whom I say “thank you” for renewing our Orthodox Faith! This is a daily awakening for the whole of Orthodoxy—cradle and converts alike. We are one of course! You create the atmosphere where all Orthodox can feel part of one family! Congratulations on a great radio station!
— Costa from Atlanta, Georgia · Jun 2015

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