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  • Praying in the Rain

    St. Isaac, Gehenna, and Hope

    Probably the most controversial teaching of St. Isaac the Syrian is his teaching on Gehenna, or hell. Homily 27 begins with the following statement and explanation of St. Isaac’s thoughts on sin, Gehenna, and death: "Sin, Gehenna, and death do not exist at all with God, for they are effects [or acts], not substances." Learn more on this latest episode of "Praying in the Rain."

  • How to Turn Unbelief into Belief (John 20:19-31)

    On the Sunday after Pascha, we commemorate the Lord's appearance to His disciples and St Thomas's proclamation, "My Lord and My God!" In this practical and helpful message, Fr. Tom Soroka teaches us three important points from this story to help us turn unbelief into belief.

  • Ancient Faith Commentaries

    Death of Dialogue

    Given the importance of true dialogue to our civilization's health, argues Fr. Lawrence Farley, it is only more distressing to find that the willingness to dialogue is dying—especially when it comes to the topic of homosexuality.

  • Orthodoxy Live

    Orthodoxy Live for April 19, 2015

    What is Personhood? Should we read the Philokalia? What about using force to protect our families? These questions and more were on the minds of Fr. Evan's listeners tonight.

  • Frederica

    In Defense of St. Thomas

    Frederica Mathewes-Green defends the character of St. Thomas, whom we commemorate on the Sunday after Pascha.

  • Ancient Faith Presents

    Welcome to the Orthodox Church

    On a new "Ancient Faith Presents," Bobby Maddex interviews Frederica Mathewes-Green, host of the AFR podcast "Frederica Here and Now" and the author of the new book Welcome to the Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity, published by Paraclete Press.

  • The Life of the Church Today

    The Diaspora

    The word "diaspora" is often used to describe the non-Patriarchal countries, including the United States. Fr. Steven Ritter, host of "The Life of the Church Today," unpacks that word and talks about the controversial Canon 28 of the Fourth Ecumenical Council as it relates to Orthodox jurisdiction.


Daily Bread

  • Faith Encouraged DailyThe Proof Is In The Pudding
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  • The PathFriday, April 24, 2015
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  • Saint of the DayMartyr Sabbas Strateletes (“the General”) of Rome, and 70 Soldiers with Him
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  • Coffee Cup CommentariesRevelation 8:8-10
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  • The Morning OfferingIsolation
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  • Glorificando a Dios DiariamenteAbril 24, 2015
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