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Spiritual Treasures of Romania

We interview Fr. Robert Miclean, the Rector of Holy Archangels Orthodox Mission in Annapolis, Maryland, who will soon be leading a pilgrimage to Romania. Among the highlights of this upcoming trip will be the celebration of Holy Ascension in Valea Plopului, Romania, and Holy Pentecost at Putna Monastery in the northern part of Romania, home of the famous "painted monasteries" built by St. Stephen the Great.

Ex Libris

Bearing God

Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, author of the new AFP book Bearing God: The Life and Works of St. Ignatius of Antioch the God-Bearer.

A Lamp for Today

“Ringing Out” and “Ringing In”: Leave-Taking of Nativity and Theophany

Edith Humphrey looks to this week’s readings, 2 Timothy 4:5-8, and Mark 1:1-8 (with the help of the prophecies of Malachi 3:1-5, 4:2-6), as an encouragement to put off the Old Man, and to put on Christ. The conjunction of Nativity with the beginning of our remembrance of Theophany leads us to dwell upon the themes of old and new— of the new covenant by which we have been embraced, of how it fulfils promises of the old covenant, and of how Christ himself is the Alpha as well as the Omega.

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We discovered Orthodoxy last year and found Ancient Faith Radio prior to visiting our first parish. We listened to the music on the app to desensitize us to the sounds and style of what we would hear at church and gobbled up countless lectures and sermon podcasts (and still do). It was a huge help in our journey, and I don't know what our journey would look like without it. Your ministry is vital for we Protestant Americans who have to really investigate. We will soon be Orthodox, and I cannot wait for the day to come so we can be part of this vibrant heavenly community in Christ! Keep up this great evangelizing ministry.
— Jayme · Dec 2017

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