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Time Eternal

Turning “Down Time” Upwards

The slower-paced tempo of summertime raises questions about how we relate to leisure as Orthodox Christians. On a new "Time Eternal," Dr. Nicole Roccas talks about down time and our culture's sense of entitlement towards rest and relaxation

Musings from the High Desert

Fathers of the First Six Ecumenical Councils

So often we think of the Councils as ancient history, but their message is clear. Fr. Gabriel Rochelle argues that the Fathers were saving the gospel in order to save the people. They were seeking to proclaim the incarnation in all its glory. All these councils are deeply important for your life today. Listen in.

Ancient Faith Commentaries

St. John the Wonderworker

Wesley J. Smith, the host of Human Exceptionalism, details the life and miracles of St. John Maximovich, his patron saint.

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