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St. Gregory of Nyssa on The Lord’s Prayer

Rita Madden shares St. Gregory of Nyssa's writing on The Lord's Prayer, and provides insight on stress management and how to eat.

Ancient Faith Presents

St. Tikhon’s 114th Annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage

Bobby Maddex interviews Archimandrite Sergius of St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Maria Sheehan, the community coordinator for the monastery, about St. Tikhon’s 114th Annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage.

Ancient Faith Presents

Bruno Capolongo and the Art of Kintsugi

Bobby Maddex interviews Bruno Capolongo, a full-time artist and convert to Orthodox Christianity who attends All Saints of North America Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and specializes in the art of Kintsugi. Please see the attachment for an example of Kintsugi.

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We are so blessed as Orthodox Christians with so many people, priests, bishops, and of course Ancient Faith Radio. If it was not for your hard work and faith toward the end result, as led by the Holy Spirit, we would not have the plethora of talent, led by the Holy Spirit at work, giving us the knowledge in Orthodoxy of the Fathers, past and present, in understanding our faith and indeed Christianity in total toward salvation.
— Albert from Garden Ridge, Texas · Oct 2017

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