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Ex Libris

Sasha and the Dragon

Bobby Maddex interviews Laura E. Wolfe and Nicholas Malara, the author and illustrator, respectively, of the new Ancient Faith Publishing children’s book Sasha and the Dragon.

Hearts and Minds

St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess and New Martyr

On a new "Hearts and Minds," Fr. John Oliver suggests that the death of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess and New Martyr tells us about how she lived her life lived long before her martyrdom.

Raising Saints

When Kids Don’t Like Church

Elissa takes a look at a question from a friend: How do we handle it when an older child doesn't want to go to church? Can't we just worship from home? Why does it matter and how do you teach that?

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Thank you for your streaming audio and podcasts. I just heard Fr. Thomas Hopko teach about the names of Jesus. He specifically taught about the inheritance. This was a beautiful and profound teaching presented simply. I look forward to listening to more of his podcasts and more of AFR. May God continue to bless you and bless others through you.
— Kevin · Aug 2015

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