Corporate Sponsorship

Ancient Faith Radio is primarily supported by the donations of our listeners. However, support from corporate sponsors provides an important supplementary source of income, helping us keep our ministry running smoothly.

What kinds of advertisements does AFR accept?
Ancient Faith Radio takes care to keep our sponsorship banners relevant and appropriate to our listeners. Generally, if you run an Orthodox-related or owned business, or would like to promote a special event or any other type of business that would like to reach out to the Orthodox community, Ancient Faith Radio is one of the best places to reach this audience.

We do not guarantee a specific number of impressions or clicks. However, all sponsorship banners of the same type are randomly rotating throughout the site. We have well over 5,000 pages of web content in our system.
How will I know if I get results?
In talking with our sponsors, we know that many of them have seen significant results and have renewed their sponsorship week after week. We have found that a sustained campaign produces the best results over time as website users users become familiar with your brand. We also provide you with regular reports on the number of referrals we have sent to you

How much traffic does AFR get?
Each day, we get 3800-4200 visits from 2500-2800 absolute unique visitors to our web site(according to Google Analytics).

We have listeners from all over the world. The vast majority are from the United States, but Canada, the UK, and Australia also provide significant streams of traffic. In any given month, we get visitors to our website from over 135 countries.

Large Ads (300 x 125) are given prominent placement on our home page and on many other pages throughout our site. Almost every page will have a sponsorship banner of some kind.
What are your standard banner sizes?
Currently, we are showing two sponsorship banner sizes throughout our site:

Large - 300 x 125 (in some places on our website, these will show up slightly smaller) and Small - 125 x 125.
You are responsible for the design of your banner. Images should be submitted in jpg, png, or gif format. If they are gif images, they should not be animated in any way (we will flatten them).
How are sponsorship banners priced?
Currently, we ask for a $50 donation to our ministry for one week of running a small banner, and $100 for a large banner. If you are willing to sign up for 3 months or more, we offer a package that includes a large banner plus 30 audio mentions per week on our music station for $300 per month

Rates are subject to change at any time, and we reserve all rights to refuse, edit, or remove banners at any time.
Do you offer sponsorship promotions on your radio stations or podcasts?
We will soon have audio promotions opportunities on podcasts, but right now we can run short acknowledgments on our music station. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

We also offer sponsorship promotions for our call-in programs. Learn more here »
How can we get started?
Contact us by phone or email.

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