July 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Anciet Faith Presents

For Rachel’s Children

Bobby Maddex interviews Marcia Brim, the host of the AFR podcast The Bible's Grand Narrative and the founder of For Rachel's Children. Click here to read Jessica's story, and click here to listen to the Brian Brock interview. Marcia can be reached at Please likewise view the attachment to this audio.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ex Libris

Truly Human

Bobby Maddex interviews Kevin Scherer, the author of the new AFP book Truly Human: Recovering Your Humanity in a Broken World.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pop Culture Coffee Hour

Episode 37: Wondering About Women (An Above-Average Man’s Guidebook for Female Empowerment)

In the final episode of "Pop Culture Coffee Hour" before the summer break, Steven Christoforou and Christian Gonzalez discuss DC’s hit summer blockbuster Wonder Woman. They discuss the nature of human beings, the power of compassion, and (as always) how secularism has taken hold of our notions of the transcendent. They close with their Top 5 Heroines.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Family Matters

Parenting Styles: Power or Humility?

On a new "Family Matters," the podcast of the GOA Center for Family Care, Fr. Alex Goussetis talks with psychologist Dr. George Stavros about the theological, psychological, and practical dimensions of parenting styles and how we guide our children.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Unquenchable Fire

We interview Fr. Lawrence Farley, the author of the new AFP book Unquenchable Fire: The Traditional Christian Teaching about Hell.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Ex Libris

We Pray

Bobby Maddex interviews Daniel Opperwall, the author of the new AFP children's book We Pray.

June 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ancient Faith Presents

Online Orthodox Classical Education

Bobby Maddex interviews Anne Van Fossen, a founder and instructor with the Classical Learning Resource Center, and Adam Lockridge, the Academic Director of St. Raphael School. The two schools will be joining forces coming this fall! In case you missed it, the discount code for the CLRC is AFRDiscount10.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Time Eternal

Reflections on AFCon 2017 and the Upcoming Relaunch of Time Eternal

On a new "Time Eternal," Dr. Nicole Roccas looks back on the biggest thing she took away from the 2017 Ancient Faith Conference, and discusses some changes that will hit the Time Eternal podcast in the fall.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ancient Faith Presents

Be the Bee - It Is Finished!

We talk to Steven Christoforou, the director of the GOA’s Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, the co-host of the AFR podcast Pop Culture Coffee Hour, and the erstwhile host of the popular Orthodox video podcast Be the Bee.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Ancient Faith Presents

The Human Icon

AFR talks with Christine Mangala Frost, a guest lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, about her new book The Human Icon: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Orthodox Christian Beliefs.

May 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ancient Faith Presents

Rita Madden Nutrition Workshops

We interview Rita Madden, the author of Food, Faith, and Fasting: A Sacred Journey to Better Health, and the host of the AFR podcast of the same name. The two of them talk about a series of workshops that Rita has been hosting all over the country on Orthodoxy and nutrition.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ancient Faith Presents

Unfading Rose Byzantine Youth Choir

Bobby Maddex interviews Kyranna Mamalakis, Alexandra Mamalakis, and Regina Vasilopoulos of the Unfading Rose Byzantine Youth Choir. He also speaks with Sotiris and Georgia Vasilopoulos, who are the directors of the choir. The six discuss the new Unfading Rose CD Hymns to the Mother of God.

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