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Posted by Bobby · Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If you're like me, you follow several Orthodox blogs, but you don't have the time or inclination to look into other such blogs that may or may not share the same quality. But what if the best and most reliable blogs on the internet were gathered in a single place, making it easy for you to consume and then cross-reference their content while resting assured that your reading stands on solid theological ground? I'm not talking new blogs, mind you, but rather the cream of the crop of what already exists, compiled together and carrying the imprimatur of Ancient Faith Ministries, one of the most trusted sources of Orthodox media in the world. Introducing Ancient Faith Blogs—your one-stop location for the very best Orthodox writing on the internet. Look for it this fall in conjunction with AFR 5.0, the most ambitious iteration of Ancient Faith Radio to date.

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  1. Use the OCa one from Elwood City.

  2. Hi Mr Maddex How wonderful! I am disabled and cannot make it to all liturgies. I can only hope that listening to a real Divine Liturgy taking place would communicate God's Grace to my soul. Thank you. David

  3. When it comes to the work of The Lord I am reminded of these words: "Keep It Simple" So grateful for the message you deliver from Ancient Faith glorifying Our Lord!!!

  4. Dear Bobby: Thank you to the AFR team for working to make the live Divine Liturgy resource available. I fully support this initiative. I am a Pentecostal chaplain by profession and volunteer with the pastoral team of an Anglican parish. I am a long time AFR listener. AFR has helped me in my exploration of the richness of Orthodoxy. Sometimes I will hear a recorded Divine Liturgy segment on AFR. I love the rhythmic sound of the censor chains rattling as the priest processes with the incense. It transports me in my mind as if I was actually there participating in worship. Thank you for the wonderful ministry of AFR. It is a spiritual life line for me. Warm regards, Shane Flanagan Langley, BC Canada

  5. Dear Bobby: Thank you for this picture! It is truly amazing what AFR is able to do with such a modest headquarters. May God continue to bless the AFR team and grant you all many years! Shane Flanagan Langley, BC Canada

  6. This would be a wonderful development as I have only attended one Orthodox service ever. My own church involvement makes it difficult to miss a Sunday (choir member and treasurer). There are a few Sundays where I can "come and see". I am a listener to a performed version of the St. John Chrysostom liturgy. It would be a blessing to see the liturgy in action done by clergy. There other web opportunities to see live liturgies which I have viewed. The ability to view an genuine liturgy (whether live or recorded) has benefits for a variety of reasons. Thank you!

  7. Will this be available as a podcast for those in different time zones as well?

  8. So glad you all like this idea! Yes, I think we will make it a podcast as well. And believe me, we definitely have the OCA parish in Elwood City on our radar screen, though we'll probably start with a local parish this first time out.

  9. This is actually my parents' home. They finished their basement and turned it into a high-tech studio.

  10. I was just informed that the Elwood City service we are looking at is the monastery there and not the OCA parish. Sorry about that!

  11. Bobby, I now have a Kindle tablet and would use that app if compatible with a Kindle device. I just don't know that much about the details of Android viz. Kindle. I do use the app on my iphone and miss not having the same on the Kindle, especially if would allow me to listen to steaming capability. I am not going to die a slow death if I don't have it, but I would use it.

  12. That it will be great. .I definitely recommend it for such a price..I was looking for so long for an orthodox English radio and finally I found u..I must say that u are one of the few sources available for people who want to have peace in their heart and mind :)

  13. I use a Google Nexus 7 which is android. The app works fine as is on it. Only, the framing looks a little weird maybe because it is designed for a smaller screen. I don't think the app designer would need to change much, since it already works as is.

  14. I will be very happy if this app comes available. This such a rich source of encouragement.

  15. While I use the app on my iPhone I also have a Kindle I'd like to use, so I say go for it.

  16. I love the app on my phone and listen while outdoors walking. Sure would be nice to have an app on my kindle also. I certainly would use it. FAR is a part of every day.

  17. This is such wonderful news! We live in a fairly remote area and the Orthodox community is small and geographically spread out. Liturgies are once or twice a month, so AFR is a MAJOR resource for many of us. Obviously, because of the time difference, a podcast would be most welcome! We are looking forward to this immensely. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you are all doing at AFR and AF Publishing. God bless you!

  18. My prayers are with this project. May the Lord bless this and all of Holy Orthodoxy. I can't always drive the 50 miles to my parish Holy Cross in Ormond Beach, Florida and will be able to worship with my brothers and sisters at Christ the Savior. Thank you, Dr. D.L.Whitman(Athanasius)

  19. I have always had a love for this parish. One of my best friends attends and sings in the choir, Fr. John is a wonderful priest, and the place I met Archbishop couldn't have chosen a better parish for this project.

  20. We already do have an app for the iPad and android phones. You can find that here:!/ancient-faith-radio

  21. We put up transcripts and scripts whenever a podcaster provides them. Listeners also have the option of sponsoring transcripts of podcast episodes.

  22. Can't wait. Thanks AFR!

  23. Dear Bobby, Great job on the AFR Orthodox blogs, there are very few good Christian blogs out on the web,with the exception of a small number of Catholic and Anglican ones, that teach proper traditional religion.As you can tell although Iam not Orthodox,but a Anglican (Anglo/Catholic) member of the Church of England I find your Orthodox faith and music inspiring and a real gift from GOD. Your Brother in Christ Antonio.

  24. Just a quick word of congratulations! May the Lord grant Myron many, many years! Peace be with you!

  25. Thanks, Fr. Wade.