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AFR is our only link to Orthodoxy in the far corners of the earth. We love you and pray for you. — Joshua · Nov 2012
Thank you for everything. I am new to orthodoxy and learning so much! — Rachel from Arvada, Colorado · Nov 2012
Ancient Faith Radio is such a valuable resource in my life. I feel that I'm home here. — Paula · Nov 2012
I'm a college student about to graduate with a BA in history, and I have been interested in Orthodoxy for several years now. God willing, I will become a catechumen very soon! The music and podcasts uplift me at my Protestant university. — Carey · Nov 2012
I have been listening to Ancient Faith Radio for quite a few years and have found it to be a rich blessing in deepening my faith through the music and podcasts! — Thomas · Nov 2012
I listen to Ancient Faith Radio daily (and nightly) and appreciate the informative audio programming, on-demand podcasts, and liturgical music. Thank you for your dedication in providing a pathway to the Truth. (I was Baptist for over 50 years.) — Linus · Nov 2012
It remains my prayer that Christ our God bless you and this most excellent “Ancient Faith Radio” and all those involved in making it a reality and maintaining it. I listen to it all the time! — Dn. Evan from North Perth, Western Australia · Oct 2012
I absolutely love Ancient Faith Radio! Right now I am listening to the podcast series "The Names of Jesus" and—wow!—what a blessing and growing experience it has been so far! — Julia · Oct 2012
First of all I'd like to tell you how much I love AFR!!! I recommend it as often as I can. Thanks for the wonderful and enlightening broadcasts!! — Penny · Oct 2012
AFR is a fantastic ministry. May God continue to bless you and all the people working for it! — Fr. Timothy · Oct 2012
A thousand thanks for the incredible, edifying, encouraging ministry of AFR. We are in the far north of Scotland, which is extremely secular and can be quite hard going for Christians trying to live their faith minute by minute. We have no church, and the nearest priest is five hours away. Once a month, there is a Divine Liturgy an hour from us, in an ecumenical church building attached to an old hospital. AFR supports our daily practice of our faith and enriches it immensely. — Stacey from Scotland · Oct 2012
Some weeks ago I "stumbled" across your radio station. This is the best thing that has happened in a long time. I truly enjoy the programs and discussions. — Danie from Mogale, South Africa · Oct 2012
Thank you for all of the heartfelt inspiration as I enter into this new journey. I know that AFR will be a constant source of teaching for me. The journey has begun with your help as my foundation. Thank you a thousand times! — Kaz from Vancouver Island · Oct 2012
AFR is wonderful, especially the Orthodox hymns. God bless you. — Fevzi from Turkey · Oct 2012
Ancient Faith Radio has been such a blessing to my family as we journey into the Orthodox faith. I listen to podcasts daily and always have one playing on my iPod as I walk. Thank you for your commitment to sharing the faith with others. — Cheryl from Appleton, Wisconsin · Oct 2012
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