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Orthodox Jurisdictions

Orthodox Parishes

Orthodox Organizations

  • Friends of the Hogar - Web site for the state side organization promoting the Hogar Rafael Orphanage in Guatemala
  • International Orthodox Christian Charities - The official international humanitarian organization of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas
  • Orthodox Christian Missions Center - Encouraging, supporting and facilitating the establishment and development of self-supporting, Eucharistic Orthodox Christian communities worldwide, thus incorporating the person into the fullness of the life in Christ
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship - Providing fellowship and encouragement for Orthodox young people on the college campus
  • Orthodox Youth Outreach - A ministry of the NAC Teen SOYO. It has been designed to provide local parishes with the resources necessary to involve junior and senior high students in local community service and short-term mission projects.
  • Orthodox Christian Laity - Fostering and encouraging Orthodox Education and Spiritual Renewal, and facilitating the coming together of all Orthodox Christians in North America
  • Outreach Alaska - Provide hope to the faithful of Alaska through programs of education, sister parish sponsorship, and church building.
  • St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund - Providing for the education, health and welfare of Ugandan children, teens, and young adults

General Resources

  • Alaskan Orthodox Texts - This project, digitizing original Alaskan Orthodox materials (Aleut, Alutiiq, Tlingit, Yup'ik)
  • OrthodoxWiki - an open-content encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity modeled after Wikipedia
  • OrthodoxForum.com - Discussion site on Orthodox Christianity
  • OrthodoxNet.com - Helping to spread the Orthodox Faith and Truths and also provide news, information and commentaries from a conservative Judeo/Christian perspective on a variety of social, cultural, political, and religious issues
  • Orthodox Christian Synergy (Chicago) - The Orthodox Christian Churches of Chicago
  • Therapia - Therapia Psychotherapy Services is an Orthodox Christian psychotherapy service in the greater Washington,DC/Baltimore,Md area.

AFR Links

Orthodox Businesses

  • Chotki.com - A website that sells traditional Orthodox prayer ropes that have been hand tied from black wool
  • Orthodox Speakers Bureau - A source for Orthodox speakers for your event including Frederica Mathewes-Green, Fr. Hans Jacobse and others
  • Orthodox Incense - A long time faithful AFR sponsor offering a nice variety of imported and domestic incense as well as other Orthodox gift items
  • Crosscrafter - Handcrafted Orthodox crosses for sale
  • Orthodox Logos Bookstore - A good source for Orthodox books, icons, and music
  • HolyIcons.com - Hand-painted icons written by Matthew D. Garrett
  • Gallery Byzantium - One of our AFR sponsors offering exquisitely handcrafted heirloom quality Crosses and jewelry designed in the Early Christian, Byzantine, and Slavic aesthetic tradition.

Other Resources

  • Touchstone Magazine - A journal of "Mere Christianity" available as a monthly subscription. All Saints priest Fr. Pat Reardon is one of the Senior Editors.
  • Salvo Magazine - A ministry of the Fellowship of St. James along with Touchstone Magazine, this project/magazine targets young adults with moral absolutes and truth
  • GetReligion.org - The blog site of syndicated Scripps Howard columnist Terry Mattingly
  • Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir - An active Orthodox choir in the US with recordings in English and concerts throughout the year
  • Orthodox Christian School Association - An organization that provides information, curricular resources, institutional supports, and conferences that are specific to the needs and interests of Orthodox schools

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