Parish Sponsors

We are honored by our great relationships with parishes of all jurisdictions around the world.  Our goal is to support the work of local parishes by helping to bring in new inquirers, encouraging and supporting catechumens, reviving those born into the Church, and encouraging the hard working priests.  We always insist that our donors support their local parish first before contributing to Ancient Faith Radio.

Another way we support the parish is through our free Parish Audio Player.  We hope you will check this out as it is a great way to welcome visitors to your web site and allow them to listen to AFR without ever leaving your site.

We also are happy to make free public service announcements for major events sponsored by the local parish that are open to the general public.  You may contact us if you would like more details.

We would be incredibly honored if your parish would join our monthly giving family.  If hundreds of parishes would each commit to just $25 per month, we would be able to grow and expand.  If you are a priest or serve on the Parish Council, please give this consideration.

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