Writings of the Church Fathers

Writings of the Church Fathers

Selections from our Patristic Treasury

Our hope is to give people the writings of the saints from the first millennium in audio form and for free, so that they can find truth, information, and edification. Our society has less and less time to read, but more and more time to listen. By recording these writings, we believe many people who would otherwise have no exposure to early Christian writings will discover what has been believed everywhere, by all, since the time of the apostles, and what the Church did and looked like throughout its history. Also, we hope to have this be a very devotional and practical podcast: people on their way to work or at the gym or washing dishes could listen to St. Clement of Rome or St. John Chrysostom and find spiritual food from their writings.

This podcast is a joint production of Ancient Faith Radio, ConciliarPost.com, and Theoria.tv. The opening and closing music is by St. Tikhon’s Mission Choir.

Start date: February 2017


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    H. Ian Attila