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Alumni Retreat Panel Presentation 2013

December 20, 2013 Length: 2:21:08

We are pleased to share this panel presentation from our 2013 CrossRoad alumni retreat. Thanks to the generosity of an Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 grant for CrossRoad outreach, the OVM was able to offer a new retreat for post-college CrossRoad alumni—alumni who are now in the workforce and wrestling with questions around vocation, profession, and life choices. These questions they asked themselves as teenagers at CrossRoad, but now are finding that they are facing them in a much more pertinent way in their 20s. While the panel is geared for twenty-somethings, we think Orthodox Christians of all ages will find here some wonderful wisdom for living and working in our world today.

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"I am the pastor of a Baptist church. Yet, I don't start my day without meditation, prayer, and scripture with this wonderful music playing. I have a deep admiration for Orthodoxy as you are the original church and gave us the precious jewel of the Holy Bible."

John from West Point, Virginia


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