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Jesus as Teacher, Prophet, Word, and Wisdom of God

June 28, 2012 Length: 51:47

This is the second in Fr. Thomas Hopko's series of three lectures for CrossRoad. Fr. Tom discusses the Lord as the Messiah who saves us from ignorance, foolishness, and insanity.

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"As I sit gazing out over the frigid tundra of the Arctic here on the Alaskan coast, so close to Siberia across the Bering Straits, I am listening to the most beautiful Christian music available—that of Ancient Faith Radio. Thank you for so encouraging me in this bleak, isolated, and bitterly cold Arctic region on the coast of Alaska. You are truly inspirational! Often I listen through the night until morning. What comfort I receive! Continue in your beautiful liturgical music programs!"

Pamela from Kotzebue, Alaska


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