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Conflict in the Caucasus - IOCC Brings Relief

August 15, 2008 Length: 12:13

As the conflict between Russia and Georgia intensifies, IOCCis on the scene providing aid to the displaced and refugees. We interview Amal Morcos, Director of Communications at International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).

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"Excellent radio, dear brothers and sisters in the unchanged Christian faith! Congratulations, and thanks for bringing this beauty and pureness over the ether. I am writing you from Sofia, Bulgaria, where we pride ourselves on keeping the Orthodox faith despite the centuries of Ottoman power here and 50 years of Communism. Actually, it is not clear whether we have kept the Orthodoxy or the Orthodoxy has kept us, but Bulgaria is the oldest state in Europe still existing on the same territory and with the same name. May the Lord bless your undertaking in broadcasting!"

Alexander from Sofia, Bulgaria


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