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IOCC Helps Build Houses on the Gulf Coast

March 25, 2008 Length: 6:57

Almost three years after the hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast, families are still living in temporary housing. IOCC and Orthodox volunteers around the country have been building new homes in Louisiana as part of a special program to provide aid to the region. Listen now to one participant as she journeys to America's embattled Gulf Coast as part of an IOCC work team. If you want to be involved, call 1-877-803-IOCC or visit the IOCC website.

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"Before I joined the Point Loma Nazarene School, I had been searching for an Orthodox college that offers a masters program, particularly in business and law. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one. So, i joined the PLNU and was able to meet a number of Chrisitans from all kinds of denominations. The best part was that when I met my classmate, who happens to be an Orthodox Christian, he told me about Ancient Faith Radio, Project Mexico, and other organizations that are related to the Orthodox faith. AFR has been a blessing to me and my father. We were listening to the Eternal Word Television Network, a Catholic station, but now my father and I spend more time listening to Ancient Faith Radio. The podcasts and the music have also been a blessing to my Ethiopian Orthodox friends and relatives! Thank you for helping bring us closer to the almighty God through Orthodox Christian teachings. May the good Lord bless you!"



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