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Ministry of Presence: Presented by Fr. John Kowalczyk and Fr. Stephen Powley

November 26, 2013 Length: 1:14:57

Combined, Fr. John and Fr. Stephen have been involved with prison ministry for well over 50 years. From their experiences in this work, they speak on the important concept of "Ministry of Presence" that is truly vital for all Orthodox Christians to understand. This concept is brought to life by the stories they share from their ministries. This presentation was given in Houston as part of an Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry gathering.

Fr. John Kowalczyk is the priest of St. Michael's Church in Jermyn, PA, the Chancellor of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania, a Chaplain at S.C.I. Waymart's Forensic Treatment Center for over 27 years, teaches at St. Tikhon's Orthodox Seminary, and is the Director of their Field Education Program. Fr. John is a member of the Board of Directors of Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry.

Fr. Stephen Powley is the priest of St. John the Baptist Church in Pueblo, CO, and is the Assistant Director of Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry. He served as a Prison Chaplain for almost 26 years until his retirement in August of 2010. During that time he served as a chaplain in every security level of prison from minimum to maximum.

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"Thank you for AFR's ministry to those of us who live in remote areas. My husband and I live in the far north of Scotland, and AFR is a lifeline for me as an American and for my husband, who as a Scotsman had never heard this kind of programing nor realized how vital the faith is to many of us in America. In the UK, it is so far marginalized as to be almost non-existent in spite of wonderful people like Met. Kallistos Ware."

Stacey from Scotland


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