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From the Bone of Adam: St. Irenaeus on the Creation of Eve

October 12, 2009 Length: 14:54

The Genesis account of Eve being created from the rib of Adam has, throughout history, often been interpreted in negative ways. In this week’s broadcast, through a brief text by St Irenaeus of Lyons, Fr. Dcn. Matthew examines a patristic vision of this creation grounding the true intimacy and mutual responsibility of the human community, male and female as ‘helpers’ of one another in the work of salvation.

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"I'm a seeker. I've found myself feeling restless in my Protestant church, wondering if I can go deeper in my daily worship, wondering what came before the Reformation. I stumbled onto the Orthodox Church a couple of years ago, and my soul is rejoicing. Thank you for this site which allows me access to the church at least in part. I am praying that my husband will allow me to one day visit our local church."

Denelle from Tennessee


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