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135: Baptist Missionary Confronts Long-held Evangelical Tenets - Part 1

October 02, 2009 Length: 32:17

In this two-part interview, ex-Baptist seminary graduate and missionary to Bosnia, now Orthodox priest, Fr James Early, recounts with Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen the circumstances under which he had to face and eventually reject core Baptist-Evangelical tenets and come to accept the faith handed down once and for all to the Saints. His book is called From Baptist to Byzantium.

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"Ancient Faith Radio has been a huge part of my learning process. I was converted and baptized into Orthodoxy in 1997 but two years later I fell away. This last Pascha the Holy Spirit worked in me to bring me back into the flock in a big way. Soon after I found AFR and have been loading my iPod shuffle full of your programs ever since."

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