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166 - Food and Faith

March 03, 2011 Length: 44:03

As Great Lent begins, Illumined Heart host Kevin Allen and nutrition expert Rita Madden (MPH and RD) discuss the role of food in our Orthodox spiritual life, what the Church Fathers say about food and food quantity, and practical nutritional issues related to fasting. Can we get the protein we need from a plant-based diet? Do we need supplements? Should children fast? These and many other questions - from an Orthodox patristic perspective and Rita's expertise -are the focus of this important conversation.

Be watching for Rita's new podcast on AFR about Food and Faith coming soon!!

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"Thank you for all of the heartfelt inspiration as I enter into this new journey. I know that AFR will be a constant source of teaching for me. The journey has begun with your help as my foundation. Thank you a thousand times!"

Kaz from Vancouver Island


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