From the very beginning, our Lord Jesus Christ was with God, because He is God! He created everything. Look around you—all the people, animals, plants, even the Earth itself, He made! Life comes from Him.
Because of Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God (and all of our choices to do the same, since then), sin came into the world. This sin keeps people from God. But God’s love for us is so great that He wanted to free us from sin through Jesus.
When Jesus was getting ready to come into the world, God sent John ahead of him. John came to help people see that Jesus was God’s Son, and that they should follow Him.
When Jesus came into the world, even though He made the world, because of sin, the people of the world did not know Him. He was right with His own special people—the Jews—and they did not welcome Him. In fact, they killed Him.
But, just like light shining in darkness makes the darkness go away, so our Lord Jesus Christ shone in the darkness of our sinful world. He entered Hades, the place of the dead, and rescued people, even Adam and Eve, from death!
Jesus rose from the dead. He freed us from sin and death. He gave us power to become children of God.

Who does life come from? Name some living things He made.
Sin separated people from God. Who did God send into the world to free us from the darkness of sin?
What is the name of the person God sent right before He sent Jesus? What was He sent to do?
When Jesus came to the world, did everyone recognize Him? What did the people do to Him?
What does the Gospel story compare Jesus to?
Listen for when your priest invites you to “Come receive the light from the Light that is never overtaken by night….” Who is that?
When you receive Holy Communion this Pascha, be happy! Jesus the Light has won over the darkness of sin, and He will help you become a child of God! Christ is risen. Indeed He is risen!