One day, when our Lord Jesus Christ came ashore, He saw many people. He felt sorry for them and healed the ones who were sick. He also taught the people, for a long time.
Evening came, and the disciples came to Jesus and said, “We are far from a town and the day is done. Send the people to get some food for themselves.”
Jesus said, “They don’t need to go away. You give them something to eat.”
The disciples said, “All we have is five loaves of bread and two fish.”
Jesus said, “Bring them here to me.” Then He told everyone to sit down on the grass. He looked up to Heaven and blessed and broke the loaves. He gave the bread to the disciples, who gave it to the crowds.
Everyone ate until they were full. They gathered the leftovers and filled 12 baskets! Five thousand men, and also some women and children, had shared those five loaves and two fish. There was more than enough for everyone. 
After that, Jesus sent the disciples in the boat, to the other side, while He stayed to dismiss the crowds.

1. The people were hungry. Jesus told the disciples to feed them. What food did the disciples have?
2. What did Jesus do when he saw the little bit of food?
3. Was that enough food? How do you know?
4. Jesus gives us food at every Divine Liturgy. What is it called?