August 21, 2011: Matthew 17:14-23, Told for Younger Children





One day, a man came to our Lord Jesus Christ. He knelt before Him and said, “Lord please have mercy on my son. He has a sickness that hurts him. Sometimes he falls into the fire, and sometimes he falls into the water. I took him to your disciples, but they could not heal him.”
Jesus said, “Oh, you people with not much faith! How long do I have to put up with you? Bring him here to me.”
Then Jesus spoke sharply to the demon in the boy and it came out of him. The boy was better right away!
Later, the disciples asked Jesus, “Why couldn’t we cast that demon out of the boy?”
Jesus said, “Because you have no faith. But if you have faith—even a tiny bit—you can even tell a mountain to move, and it will! With faith, you can do anything.”

1. Can you find the father in the icon? What is he doing?
2. Where is the boy? The black shape above the boy is telling us that the boy was sick and could not control himself. He was an epileptic.
3. People who suffer from epilepsy have seizures.
4. Who healed the boy? How did He do it?
5. Jesus wants us to stay close with him, through prayer and fasting. They help our faith get stronger. When we have strong faith, God can use us to do big things for Him.
6. When do you pray? When do you fast?