August 29, 2010: Mark 6:14-30, Told for Younger Children

August 23, 2010 Length: 3:59





One day, King Herod heard about Jesus and the great things he could do.

Some people said that John the baptizer had come back to life. Others thought Jesus was Eli’as. Other people thought he must be another of the prophets.

But not King Herod: when he heard about Jesus and what Hecould do, King Herod was sure that Jesus was John the baptizer, raised to life again. And then he remembered what had happened:

You see, Herod had married his brother Philip’s wife, Herodias. John had told him, “It is not right for you to be married to your brother’s wife.”

This made Herodias angry at John. She wanted to hurt him. But King Herod would not let her, because he knew that John was holy, so he put John in prison, to keep him safe. He liked to listen to John, even though he didn’t always understand the things that John said.

On the night of King Herod’s birthday, everything changed. Herod had many friends over for a party. He asked Herodias’ daughter to come and dance for him and his guests.

She danced so beautifully that it made all of them very happy. King Herod was so pleased that he told her she could have anything she wanted, up to half of his kingdom!

Herodias’ daughter went to her mother to ask what she should ask for. Herodias knew what she wanted, and she told her daughter to ask for the head of John the Baptist, on a plate.

When he heard the request, King Herod was very sad. But, he had promised the girl whatever she wanted, and since he had promised in front of so many important people, he could not go back on his word. So, he sent a soldier, who went right to the prison where John was, killed John, and brought back John’s head on a plate.

The girl took the head to her mother.

When John’s disciples heard about it, they came and took John’s body and buried it. Then they went to Jesus and told him about what they had done and taught.

1. Who did the people think that Jesus was? Who did the king think he was?
2. Why did the king put John into prison?
3. What did Herodias’ daughter do on King Herod’s birthday? Did he like it? How do you know?
4. What did the king tell the girl that she could have? Do you think that was a good reward? Why or why not?
5. What did Herodias’ daughter ask the king for? Was the king glad to give it to her? Why or why not?
6. Did you ever make a promise and wish you did not? What did you do? Ask God to help you to make good promises that you can keep.