August 6, 2017: Matthew 17:1-9, Told for Younger Children





One day, Our Lord Jesus went for a walk. He took his disciples Peter, James, and John with Him. They hiked up a mountain, all the way to the top.

When they got up there, Jesus suddenly looked different. His face was shining bright like the sun. His clothes were shining white, too! Then two men who had died long before, Moses and Elijah, appeared on each side of Jesus. They began to talk to Him.

Peter said, “Jesus, it is good that we are here! If you want, we can make three special tents for worship. We can make one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”

Before Peter finished talking, a bright cloud shone in the sky right above them and God the Father’s voice came from the cloud. God said, “This is my Son that I love. I am very happy with him! Listen to what He says!”

The disciples were scared when they saw the bright cloud and heard God’s voice. They lay face-down on the ground because they were so scared. But Jesus came and touched them and told them to get up and not to be scared.

When the disciples looked up, only Jesus was there. Moses and Elijah and the bright cloud and voice were gone.

They all started hiking back down the mountain. While they walked, Jesus said,
“Don’t tell anyone what you just saw until after the Son of Man is risen from the dead.”

1. Who went for a walk with Jesus? Where did they go?
2. After they got to the top of the mountain, what happened to Jesus?
3. Who did the disciples see speaking to Jesus on the mountain?
4. What did Peter want to do when he saw those men talking to Jesus?
5. God the Father spoke from the bright cloud. What did He say about Jesus?
6. How did the disciples feel when God the Father spoke to them? How do you know?
7. When did Jesus say that the disciples should tell about what they had just seen?