December 1, 2013: Matthew 22:2-14, Told for Younger Children

November 24, 2013 Length: 3:12





Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a king who arranged for a marriage for his son, and then when it was all ready, he sent out his servants to call all those who were invited to the wedding, but they weren’t willing to come. So he sent out more servants and he said, “Tell those people that I invited I’ve already prepared the dinner. The oxen and fatted cattle are killed, and everything’s ready, so come. It’s time for the wedding.” But they joked about it and wouldn’t listen to the servants. Some of them went off to work on their farms, others went off to their businesses, some of them even grabbed the servants, were mean to them, and even killed them. When the king found out, he was furious. He gathered together his army, and he sent them to destroy the murderers, and burn down their city.
Then he said to his servants, “The wedding is ready, but those people who were invited to the wedding, they were not worthy to come. Please, go out into the highways now, and whoever you can find, invite them to come to the wedding.” So that’s what the servants did. And very soon, the whole wedding hall was full of people ready to celebrate! When the king came into the wedding hall and looked around at all his guests, he noticed that one of them was not wearing the wedding clothes that had been provided for him. So, he walked over to the guest and said to him, “Friend, why aren’t you wearing the wedding garment?” The man looked at him and didn’t have anything to say. So the king called his servants and said, “Tie up this man and take him out of here.” Because many have been called, but only a few have been chosen.

1.  Have you ever been to a birthday party where only a few of the people who were invited came? How do you think the person felt who invited the people who didn’t come?
2.  If God is the king in this story, how do you think He feels when people who He has invited to His Kingdom choose not to come into it?
How hard did the king in this story try to get as many people as possible into the wedding feast?
That’s how hard God tries to get all of us to come to be a part of His Kingdom.