One day, Jesus was teaching in a synagogue. It was the Sabbath, the day of the week when Jewish people rest and worship God. There was a woman there who was sick. She had been sick for 18 years! Her sickness made her bend over.
When Jesus saw her, He called to her. He said, “Woman, you are well now!” He laid His hands on her. Right away she could stand up straight! The woman praised God for healing her.
The ruler of the synagogue saw this and got very angry with Jesus because He healed the woman on the Sabbath. (Remember, Jews rest on the Sabbath.) So the ruler told the people, “There are six other days in the week to work. Come to be healed on those days, not the Sabbath!”
But Jesus said to him, “Don’t you untie your ox or donkey from its manger and lead it to water on the Sabbath? That is work too! If you can work so your animal can drink, shouldn’t this woman be set free from her sickness on the Sabbath?”
When Jesus said this, His enemies were ashamed and embarrassed. But the people were very happy because of all the wonderful things that Jesus was doing.

Where does this story take place? What was Jesus doing?
Describe the woman who met Jesus that day.
How did Jesus help the woman?
Who got angry with Jesus? Why?
Have you ever been sick? Did you get well again? Did you remember to thank God?