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January 19, 2014: Luke 17:12-19, Told for Younger Children

January 12, 2014 Length: 3:01

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One day, our Lord Jesus Christ came into a village. Ten friends came to see Him. They stayed away from Jesus, but said loudly, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”
You see, these ten friends had leprosy. Leprosy is a sickness that causes big sores on people’s bodies. When this happened, people with leprosy could not be near other people. Many people thought that people with leprosy had sinned and were being punished.
When Jesus saw the ten friends, he told them to go and show themselves to the priests. The friends trusted Jesus and obeyed Him right away. As they walked towards where the priests were, their sores got better. Jesus had healed them!
One of the friends, a Samaritan, went right back to Jesus as soon as he noticed that he was healed. He began to talk loudly again, but this time, he was praising God! The Samaritan fell on his face at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him for healing him.
Jesus asked if all ten had been healed, and why only the Samaritan came back to praise God. Then, He said to the Samaritan, “Get up and go on your way. Your faith has made you well.”

1. Jesus saw ten people who had a terrible disease. What did their skin look like?
2. What did they say to Jesus?
3. Jesus told them to go a show themselves to someone. Who were they to go and see? Did they obey Jesus?
4. What happened when they were walking?
5. One came back to Jesus. Why?
6. God gives us everything we have. It is very, very important to say “Thank you” to God. Can you think of one thing to thank God for, right now?


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"I am thankful to the Holy Τriune God for you and your labor to bring the Truth of Holy God to faraway America. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will bless you and have mercy on you. Thank you for promulgating Holy Orthodox Tradition."

Konstantinos from Greece


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