January 1, 2012: Luke 2:20-21, 40-52, Told for Younger Children

January 1, 2012 Length: 3:57





After they saw the baby Jesus, the shepherds went back, praising God for all that they had seen. And then, when Jesus was eight days old, His parents named Him Jesus, just like the angel had told them to do.
As time went by, Jesus grew and grew. His spirit was strong. He was very wise, and full of God’s grace.
Every year, His parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. The year that Jesus was 12, they all went together. When the feast days were over, they started back towards home. Jesus’ parents did not know it, but Jesus stayed in Jerusalem, as they left. They did not know that He was not with them until a whole day of traveling had passed. Then, they looked for Him with the rest who traveled with them, but He was not there.
Jesus’ parents went back to Jerusalem, to find Him. They looked and looked. Then, after three days, they found Him! He was in the temple, with the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. He was so wise that people who heard Him were amazed.
When His parents found Jesus, His mother asked Him, “Son, why did you do this to us? We looked everywhere for You! We were worried.”
Jesus answered, “Why did you look for Me? Didn’t you know that I must do my Father’s work?” But they did not understand what He was saying.
Jesus went back to Nazareth with His parents, then, and obeyed them. His mother kept thinking about it all, and kept it in her heart. And Jesus kept growing. He got wiser, taller, and closer to God and other people.

How old was Jesus when His parents named Him? Why was He called “Jesus”? Do you know what it means?
Where did Jesus’ family go for Passover? How old was Jesus when the trip in this story happened?
When did Jesus’ parents learn that He was not with them? What did they do? How do you think they felt?
Where did they find Jesus? What was He doing? What did Jesus say that He was doing there? What did He do next?
The Gospel story tells us that even our Lord Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, obeyed His parents. What does that mean to us? What should we do?
It is not always easy to obey. Pray, and ask God to help you to obey your parents and teachers, so you can grow wiser, taller, and closer to God and others, too, just like our Lord Jesus Christ.