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July 10, 2011: Matthew 8:5-13, Told for Younger Children

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One day, our Lord Jesus Christ came to a place called Capernaum. When He got there, an important man came to Him. The man was a centurion, which means that he was a soldier in charge of 100 other soldiers. This important man came to ask Jesus for help!
The man had a servant who was very sick. The servant was so sick that he could not move! The centurion thought Jesus could heal his servant. That is why he came.
Jesus said, “I will come and heal him.”
But the centurion said, “I’m not good enough to have You come into my house. I know that if You just say that he is healed, my servant will be healed! With my work as a centurion, I’m in charge of others. When I tell them to do something, they do it. I know that You can command things to happen, too…”
Jesus was amazed at what the man said. He told the people who were following Him, “This man has a lot of faith. I haven’t found any people in all of Israel who believe in Me as much as this man does. I’m telling you, all different kinds of people will be in heaven with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It will not just be God’s special people, the Jews. Many people who are not Jewish will believe in and follow God, too.” Then, He turned to the centurion and told him to go home. He said, “May it be done for you as you believed!”
At that very moment, the centurion’s sick servant was healed!

1. Who asked Jesus to heal his servant?
2. What was wrong with the servant?
3. The centurion told Jesus that He didn’t need to come to the centurion’s home to heal the servant. How did he say Jesus could heal him?
4. Did the centurion have lots of faith or just a little. How do you know?
5. Was the servant healed?



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