Our Lord Jesus Christ had a cousin named John. When John grew up, he learned that his job was to prepare people to listen to the Savior of the world.
John stayed near the Jordan River. People who were sorry for their sins came to John. They asked him to baptize them in the river. They did this so they could be closer to God. The Lord said, to his disciples, “Because you do good works, you are like a light in the world. If a light is on a hill, many people can see it. If a lamp is giving light to a room, you do not put a box over it, instead you let it shine so the room has light. When you do good works, people thank God for you. Let everything you do be good.
“For many, many years God’s people have followed God’s law, the Ten Commandments. They are good. I want people to follow these. Whoever follows these, and teaches others to, will be great in the kingdom of heaven.”

1. When Jesus was on earth, some people thought he would say, “Forget everything you have learned about God.” He did not. He told people to follow God’s law, as they had been doing.
2. There are many people in the world who do not know what is good. They need to see someone else doing good works. Then they know what to do.
3. Think about this week, did you do anything that helped someone?
4. Did you share your toys?
5. Did you take turns?
6. Helping, sharing, and taking turns are good things to do. Other kids see you doing the right thing, and they learn that it is good.
7. Are there other things that are good to do?
8. What are things that are not good?
9. Even when it is hard, do the right thing. Jesus said, if you do the right thing, and teach others to do what is right, you will be great in the kingdom of heaven.