The Lord said, “If you think about God first, you will see clearly. Keep your thoughts good, and focused on doing what God wants.”
You can’t want something, like a toy, or a new bike, so much that you’ll do anything to get it. God knows what you need.
He takes care of every creature, like the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.
He does not want you to think about what you need. He knows what you need. What he wants is for you to trust Him, and to walk with Him.
Seek, or look, first to find the kingdom of God. Stay close to God. Pray always. Do what is good and right at all times. One day, in heaven, you will have all that is good.

1. God wants us to see clearly. He will help us know what is good and what is not. We can ask God to help us at any time.
2. When do you pray? Have you ever asked God to help you?
3. When we are at church, we learn what God wants when the priest reads from the gospel. How do you know when the priest is reading from the gospel?
4. God wants us to walk with him. What does that mean? It means God wants us to pray every day. He wants us to serve him by doing good in all we think, say, and do.
5. God wants us to pray, and to live united with Him. Do you remember the Last Supper. We still celebrate the Last Supper when we receive Holy Communion. We are united with God at Holy Communion more than at any other time.