One day, our Lord Jesus Christ came ashore in the country of the Gergesenes. As He passed a by a graveyard, two men came out from between the tombs. These men had demons that made them act mean, and people usually could not pass there.
When the men saw Jesus, they said, “What do you want to do with us, Son of God? Are you going to tease or hurt us?”
Nearby, a big herd of pigs was feeding on a hill. The demons in the men begged Jesus, “If you make us leave these men, let us go into the herd of pigs.”
Jesus just said, “Go!” and the demons left the men. They went into the pigs. Then the whole herd of pigs ran down the steep hill and into the sea. All the pigs in the herd died.
The people who had been watching over the herd ran away. They went into the city and told all about what had just happened to the men. The whole city came out to meet Jesus!

1. Where were the men when Jesus came by?
2. How did the men act? Would you have wanted to live near them?
3. What was on a hill nearby? What happened to them?
4. Who told the people of the city what had happened? What did the people of the city do?
5. This Gospel shows us how strong God is! With only one word, “Go!” even the demons obeyed Jesus. He healed two men and helped many others learn about Him.
6. If you are ever in a situation that seems too hard for you, remember this Gospel. Then pray and ask our Lord Jesus to help you as He helped the men in this Gospel. He can!