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June 26, 2011: Matthew 4:18-23, Told for Younger Children

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One day, Jesus saw some men fishing. They were using nets. Jesus knew that they would be good followers of what He would teach them. He saw Simon, who is called Peter,  and Andrew his brother. He said, “Follow me, and you will catch men.”
Then he saw two more brothers, James and John. Jesus called to them. They left their father to follow Jesus. Then Jesus traveled through Galilee, teaching, and healing those who were ill.

Here are some questions about the Gospel story:
1. Jesus saw some men and called to them. What were they doing?
2. Jesus knew they would follow, or do, what He taught them. What is one thing Jesus wants us to do?
3. What were the names of the first brothers Jesus called to?
4. What were the names of the second brothers?
5. Jesus told them that they would fish for men. What do you think this means?
6. What did Jesus do when He went all around Galilee?

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Rachel from Angoulême, France


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