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May 5, 2013: John 1:1-17, Told for Younger Children

April 29, 2013 Length: 3:31

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From the very beginning, our Lord Jesus Christ was with God, because He is God! He created everything. Look around you—all the people, animals, plants, even the Earth itself, He made! Life comes from Him.
Because of Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God (and all of our choices to do the same, since then), sin came into the world. This sin keeps people from God. But God’s love for us is so great that He wanted to free us from sin through Jesus.
When Jesus was getting ready to come into the world, God sent John ahead of him. John came to help people see that Jesus was God’s Son, and that they should follow Him.
When Jesus came into the world, even though He made the world, because of sin, the people of the world did not know Him. He was right with His own special people—the Jews—and they did not welcome Him. In fact, they killed Him.
But, just like light shining in darkness makes the darkness go away, so our Lord Jesus Christ shone in the darkness of our sinful world. He entered Hades, the place of the dead, and rescued people, even Adam and Eve, from death!
Jesus rose from the dead. He freed us from sin and death. He gave us power to become children of God!

1. We have just celebrated Great and Holy Friday, the day Christ was crucified. On Holy Saturday, while the tomb was closed, Christ went into the realm of the dead and brought back to life those who lived godly lives.
2. The icon of the Resurrection teaches us that truth.
3. What is Christ trampling or stomping on in the icon? Those are the doors of Hades, the place of the dead.
4. Is it light or dark there under the doors? Do you think it is a happy or sad and scary place?
5. The icon shows us that Christ is the winner in the battle with darkness, evil, and death. At the Gospel, listen for the words, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
6. Be happy today because of what Jesus has done!



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"I want to thank you for your ministry. I have been listening to AFR for several years now, but it means more to me this year than ever. I am working in the Middle East as part of a multinational peacekeeping force, but I am the only Orthodox Christian on camp. The priests and ministers available to me are Catholic and Protestant. While good men, they can't offer me the Sacraments or church experience I need. When I am most lonely and homesick, I can boot up my laptop and log in to AFR, and my whole outlook is changed in an instant. Being able to hear the words and sounds of my faith, especially here, means more to me than you can ever know. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And God bless you all!"



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