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November 17, 2013: Luke 12:16-21, Told for Younger Children

November 10, 2013 Length: 3:13

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One day, our Lord Jesus told a parable. A parable is a story that has a special meaning. He said, “Once there was a very rich man. One year, the man’s crops grew so well that he didn’t know what to do! He had too much grain to fit into his barns. ‘What should I do?’ the man wondered.
“Then he got an idea. ‘I know what I’ll do. I will tear down these old barns and build great big ones! Then I can store all of my grain AND all of my stuff! Then I will tell myself, “Self, you have plenty of food, and stuff to last you for many years. Relax! Eat all you want! Drink what you want! Be happy!”’
“But God said to that greedy rich man, ‘You are foolish. Tonight you will die. All that stuff you worked for and kept to yourself will be left behind. You will not have it.’”
Then Jesus said, “That is what it is like for someone who works hard to get money and things just for himself and is not rich in the things of God. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!” Jesus really wants everyone to learn from this story!

1. In the story Jesus told, a farmer was very rich. The rich farmer had a problem and wondered what to do. What was his problem?
2. What idea did he have to solve his problem?
3. In the story, God told the man he was foolish because he was always thinking about the stuff that he owned. What did God say was going to happen to the man that night?
4. Would he be able to take many things with him?
5. If we can’t keep all of our stuff forever, then what is most important in life?
6. Do you have ears? Do you use them to hear? Our Lord Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!” He meant that we should not just listen to the lessons He teaches us. We should also DO what he teaches us!


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"I was browsing through this site and came across a podcast about the history of the Orthodox Church in Alaska. It was part of the American Orthodox History podcast, I believe. It caught my eye because I'm an Alaskan Native teen and wanted to know more about how Orthodoxy came to be here. I listened to the three parts. It was very enlightening, and it gave me so many more reasons to be proud as an Orthodox Christian. On top of listening to the music from this site, I will now also listen to the podcasts, because they give me so much insight! Thank you guys for all the amazing content available here."

Beatrice from Alaska


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