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November 27, 2011: Luke 18:18-27, Told for Younger Children

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One day, a man came to ask Jesus a question. “Good Teacher, what should I do so I can go to Heaven?”
Jesus said, “You know the commandments, don’t you? God wants you to not kill, not steal, not lie, and honor your parents.”
The man said, “I’ve done all of that since I was young.”
The Jesus said, “There is one thing that you still need to do. Sell everything you have. Give the money to poor people. Then you’ll have treasure in Heaven! Then come and follow Me.”
When the man heard this, he was very sad because he was rich.
Jesus saw how sad he was and said, “It is hard for people with lots of money and things to enter God’s Kingdom! It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s Kingdom.”
All the people who heard this wondered who could be saved, since it is so hard! But Jesus told them, “Everything is possible with God!”

1. What did the rich young man want to know?
2. Jesus reminded him of God’s commandments. What did the young man say to Jesus about the commandments?
3. Jesus told the rich young man one more thing he needed to do. What was it?
4. Why did the rich young man become sad and leave Jesus?
5. What did Jesus then say is hard?
6. To understand the lesson of this story, let’s think about the people we love. Let’s pretend someone kidnapped your family. Then you found a note that said, “Collect everything that is yours and place it on your porch. We will make a trade. We will take your things, and in return, we will give your back your family.” Would you do what the kidnappers wanted?
7. Just as your family is more important than anything you own, God is more important than anything we have. We must always remember that God, and getting to heaven to be with Him, are more important than anything.
8. Jesus told us that we will have something in heaven. What is it?



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