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October 16, 2011: Luke 8:5-15, Told for Younger Children

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One day, our Lord Jesus told a parable, a story with special meaning. He said, “A farmer went to plant seeds in his field. Some seeds fell on the path. They were stepped on and birds ate them. Some seeds fell on rocks. They started to grow, but soon wilted because there wasn’t enough water for them. Some seeds fell in weeds. Thorns grew on the weeds and killed the baby plants. Some seeds fell on good soil. They grew well and gave a big crop.”
Jesus’ disciples asked Him what the parable meant. He said, “The seed is God’s word. The places in the story where the seed fell are people who hear God’s words. The path in the parable is like people who hear God’s words, but the devil comes and takes the words away so the people do not obey God. The rocks are people who hear God’s words and are happy. But they only believe God for a little, and then stop. The thorny place is like people who hear God’s words but start thinking about stuff on earth instead of about God. But the good soil is the people who hear God’s words and obey them.”

1. Who was this parable about?
2. What did the farmer do? Why do you think he did that?
3. Did it work? Did he get what he wanted? Why or why not?
4. Jesus said we are like the different kinds of soil in the story. What did He say that the seed is?
5. Think of the different kinds of soil. Which one was the best? Which do you want to be like?
6. What can you do today to be like that?


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Tamara and John from Bricktown, New Jersey


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