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September 18, 2011: Mark 8:34-9:1, Told for Younger Children

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In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us how to follow Him. He said that we cannot just do what we want to do. He said we should do what He wants us to do. Sometimes that will be hard, just like it was hard for Jesus to die on the cross for us. But if we do what God wants, we will be saved.
Jesus said that nothing on earth is better than our soul. He said we will lose our soul if we just do what we want while we’re alive. He said we should not be embarrassed to follow Him. He also said we should not be embarrassed of His words.
We are happy to follow Jesus!

1. Jesus taught us that instead of being mean, we should be kind. What is one kind thing you have done?
2. Jesus taught us we must serve. When a friend comes to play at our house, we can serve them by letting them make some choices about what to do. We can offer them our toys to play with. Is it easy to share?
3. When it is hard to do what Jesus wants us to do, we can say a prayer, “Jesus, help me now.” Then we need to do the right thing.
4. Jesus said it would not always be easy to follow him. What did He say it is like?
5. What does Jesus say will happen if we do what God wants us to do?






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