September 1, 2013: Luke 4:16-22, Told for Younger Children

August 26, 2013 Length: 3:28





One day, our Lord Jesus Christ came to Nazareth, the town where He lived when He was a boy. Just like He always did on the Sabbath, He went to the synagogue, the place where Jewish people go to worship God. They gave Him the book of the prophet Isaiah, and He stood up to read it to everyone.
He opened the book and read from it. “God’s Spirit is on me, because He wants me to preach good news to poor people and heal people with broken hearts. He sent me to set people free, help blind people to see, lift up people who have been put down, and show people that God is with them.”
After Jesus read this, He closed up the book, gave it back to the person in charge of the books, and sat back down.
Everyone in the whole synagogue was looking at Jesus! He started talking to them, saying, “Today, this Scripture has come true while you were listening!”
And everyone said nice things about Jesus. They were amazed at the way He talked and at all the things He said.

To what town did Jesus go, in this Gospel story? Why was that town special to Him?
What is a synagogue?
When Jesus was in the synagogue, they gave Him a book of the prophet Isaiah. Why did they do that? Did He do what they wanted Him to do?
The prophet Isaiah wrote about God’s Spirit being on him. Tell about some of the things God wanted Isaiah to do.
After Jesus read to the people, what did He do?
When you talk to someone, do you like it better if they look at you or look away from you? How do you know they are listening? Do you think it was good that everyone was looking at Jesus when He talked to them?
Jesus said the Scripture was coming true as the people listened. Can you think of how Jesus was the one who made it come true? Did He preach good news to the poor people or help sad people or set people free or heal blind people or help those where were put down? How did He do those things?
What about you? What do you do to show people that God is with them?