September 8, 2013: John 3:13-17, Told for Younger Children

September 2, 2013 Length: 2:34





Jesus our Lord said God loved the world very much. He loved it so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus. Why did he send Jesus? In this world, bad things happen. We don’t want to do bad things, but sometimes we do. We need to be saved from this world where bad things happen. God wanted us to know that His Son Jesus can lead us to a better place.
Jesus was crucified and died. He rose from the dead. When Jesus died, he opened the gates of heaven again. Now we can live forever with God. We can be saved from this world. If we stay close to Jesus in prayer, and if we go to church, and if we do what Jesus teaches us to do, we will live forever with him.

1. Did you ever have something bad
happen to you? What did you do? Did you
ever do something that was bad? What did you do, then?
2. Even though we do wrong things sometimes, God loves us. In fact, this Gospel story tell us that He loves us so much that He sent someone for us to follow. Who did God send?
3. Why did God send His Son, Jesus?
4. When do we sing, “Christ is risen from the dead”?
5. When we celebrate Pascha, we are joyous because there is a kingdom where bad things don’t happen. Jesus will save us from this world. We can live now and forever with God, because Jesus opened the gates of Heaven.