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September 9, 2012: John 3:13-17, Told for Younger Children

September 03, 2012 Length: 1:53

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In today’s Gospel story, Jesus made the people think about a time when God’s people were sick. God told Moses to make a fake snake and put it on a pole. All the people who looked up at the snake got better. Jesus said He would be put up high like that snake. He said that if someone follows Him, they will live with Him forever.
Then Jesus told the people that God loves everyone in the world very much. God sent His Son Jesus so that if someone follows Him, they will live with Him forever. Jesus said God did not send His Son to the world to say the people were bad and in big trouble. Jesus said God sent His Son to save the world!

1. What is the name of God the Son?
2. What is something bad that has happened to you? Have you ever been hurt?
3. Jesus is with us, too, even when something bad happens. We can always pray and talk to Jesus.
4. It isn’t always easy to be good. Have you ever made a mistake and hurt someone?
5. Jesus came to tell us that there is a different way to live. He came to show us how to live.  He told us that we can be forgiven when we do something wrong. He came to show us the way to the kingdom, where bad things don’t happen. We will live there with Him forever.


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"I'm a seeker. I've found myself feeling restless in my Protestant church, wondering if I can go deeper in my daily worship, wondering what came before the Reformation. I stumbled onto the Orthodox Church a couple of years ago, and my soul is rejoicing. Thank you for this site which allows me access to the church at least in part. I am praying that my husband will allow me to one day visit our local church."

Denelle from Tennessee


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