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A Pilgrimage to Alaska - Live Concert from Monk’s Rock Cafe

September 03, 2013 Length: 10:46

Fr John had the chance to record the world-famous singers from St Innocent’s Academy, live at the Monk’s Rock Coffee Shop in Kodiak, AK. The first two songs are Georgia folk songs. The third is Bulgarian. The fourth is a folky song local to Kodiak, and the last, a traditional American Spiritual.

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"Thank you for your wonderful Ancient Faith Radio ministry. It is often on in our home, streamed through our iPhones. A few years ago I mentioned to my priest that I found it hard to turn off NPR during Great Lent when I wanted to cut down on distractions. He recommended replacing it with AFR, and ever since I have enjoyed your streaming music and talk and listened to many of your podcasts. "

Abby from Illinois


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