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How to Win the Battle

September 07, 2011 Length: 3:40

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When we are free, there are no battles. Life is a constant battle with the material world. If you understand the tension that takes places on the spiritual level between that which is transitory and that which is eternal, you are better prepared for this spiritual warfare.

Many years ago I had totally given myself over to the acquisition of material things. My position placed me in a field where most everyone around me, both colleagues and friends, judged success by what we owned, who we knew, where we vacationed, the car we drove, the clothes we wore, the restaurants we frequented. With this as the basis of our collective lives, I’d become ever more aware that most of us were not very happy.

Divorce was rampant. Subtly sabotaging the careers of colleagues was not uncommon. Infidelity was the norm. Bank accounts were never full enough. Success seemed like a dead end with a signpost that misdirected all of us. Having all the possessions, the money, the friendships, and the respect left me empty.

My days became battlegrounds in a futile attempt at fulfillment and happiness. The things I’d been taught would bring happiness were not working. All my education and connections were not able to direct me to anything that made me feel like my life was worth the struggle.

My turning point was when I finally realized that the roadblock to that evasive happiness was my state of spiritual bankruptcy. This life was given to me as a time of preparation for eternity, and I was squandering it by concentrating my every breath on that which is transitory. When you abandon yourself to God, you find freedom, and victory is yours. Your life becomes his. Your struggles are his. Freedom is your trophy.

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"I was baptized and actively raised in the Lutheran Church for 49 years, but my life changed when i converted to the Orthodox Church. Through the podcasts and astounding affirmations God revealed to me through AFR, my mission parish, and my Priest, my mind and—most importantly—my heart were opened to the one true Church. Glory to God! I'm grateful to be home."

Eugenia from Sutherlin, Oregon


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