Ancient Faith Radio

We have moved from a period in which little Samuel said, “Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth,” to one in which we now say, “Listen, Lord, thy servant speaketh.” Our American culture has become so enamored, even consumed, with the importance of “self” that we’ve made idols out of personal gain and fulfillment. Americans are ever seeking after “the things of this world,” to the degree, in fact, that we have as a culture forgotten the basic truths that our ancestors took for granted. We have forgotten the importance of living altruistic lives, of living for the ultimate good of all, rather than the limiting scope of our materialistic needs.

We as a society have forgotten the importance of making provision for future generations, whether it be in saving the environment for those who will follow us, or in passing on those beliefs and values that make for a civilized society. Our children are no longer taught a value system that is based on the Judeo-Christian concept that there is a Truth that should govern our every action. Public schools, even society as a whole, has abandoned young people to a sort of moral confusion, thus leaving them rudderless in a sea of too many options. No longer are we teaching our children the importance of living morally upright lives. We are now not giving them a foundation by which to govern their lives.

A simple cursory view of one day’s worth of television programing, including the news, should be a sobering revelation to any committed Christian that something has gone terribly wrong. Is it no wonder that we are seeing with greater frequency the appearance of a bumper sticker that reads: “kill your television.” It is time that we Orthodox Christians take back the care and the instruction of our children.