Unfair Treatment

August 2, 2012 Length: 2:27





Unfair Treatment: Striving to attain the kingdom

If we are always complaining about how unfairly we are treated, we will have failed in our imitation of Christ who was abused by his enemies unto death. We should strive to reign with our Lord by loving our enemies and never complain. Christ looked towards his heavenly Father, and when we are tempted to complain, we should gaze upon the Cross.

Complaining disturbs the heart and distracts us from the path. Complaining weakens our resolve and interferes with the acquisition of peace and holiness. When we complain, we are rejecting the role of suffering as a means towards the union with God. Complaining keeps our heart from soaring to the heavens and experiencing the joy that can be had when we surrender ourselves into the protective arms of Jesus.