Ancient Faith Radio

As our society has become more pluralistic, it has been easy for some to fall into the error of believing that it ultimately does not matter what you believe, as long as you are sincere.

Just as we have seen the progressive moral bankruptcy of our society, we have also been witness to the wholesale sellout of traditional Christianity by much of America’s religious community. The partial adherence of many of America’s denominations to the traditional Gospel call to repentance, forgiveness and redemption through Christ, has given way to a new kind of salvation. These so-called “churches” are now more concerned with social idealism than seeing souls saved through entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. They have ignored Our Lord’s calling, “My kingdom is not of this world.” They have shown forth for all to see that their loss of faith has led to a replacement of the good news of salvation in Christ, with a mandate to build a Utopian society where social justice and peace reign forever. They have forgotten that Christ said that we can never attain his kingom “which is to come” in this world.

What do we as Orthodox Christians do to counteract this insidious loss of traditional, otherworldly Christianity? Surely the answer is not less fasting, less prayer and less penance. We must rekindle our zeal for Christ. We must give ourselves over to the joy that is ours in living a life in Christ. It is not in the things of this world that we will ultimately find happiness, but in living a life rooted in Jesus Christ.

We have been given a great and holy gift. During each celebration of the Divine Liturgy we sing the words: “We have seen the True Light, we have received the Heavenly Spirit; we have found the true Faith, worshipping the undivided Trinity; Who has saved us.” Let us commit ourselves anew to living the holy faith as true witnesses to the Lord. We have in our possession a Pearl of great Wealth. Let us give this inheritance to our children as the treasure that we leave them, and let us share our holy faith with our neighbors.