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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 11 - Three Wrong-Way Signs to Christian Living

February 23, 2008 Length: 15:25

The desert Fathers post three Wrong Way signs on the road to Christian living. The signs keep us from believing that (1) The body is evil, (2) Fasting, prayer and other spiritual practices are "ends in themselves" and (3) We can "earn" our way to heaven by doing good works! This podcast will keep us on a spiritually safe road if we obey the Wrong Way signs God has posted for our protection.

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"AFR is a Godsend, as I was received into the Russian Orthodox Church on Good Friday, April 6, 2007, and have been living in Moscow ever since. My priest is an Englishman, which helps, but of course he is busy, so I need as many English resources as possible."

Ray from Moscow, Russia


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