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Orthodox Theological Society Interview with Dr. Tony Vrame

July 05, 2008 Length: 15:42

Dr. Vrame is the Director of Christian Education at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in New York. In this last interview from the OTS conference, Dr. Nassif asks Dr. Vrame about his vision for Christian education in the Orthodox Church. He also explores the nature of the parish as a context for Christian education. Special attention is given to the question of how "converts and their children" learn the faith. Dr. Vrame also discusses exciting new programs coming out in the Greek Archdiocese this fall. If you are a pastor, a parent, a Christian educator or Church School teacher, this podcast will widen your perspective on all the help that is available for you from the Greek Archdiocese today.

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"I found Orthodoxy and AFR a year ago. They have both had a profound effect on my life. After 30 years as a Mormon, I have found the church Christ left on earth for us. It's very exciting, but at 60 I wish I had not wasted all those years on the wrong road. God willing, I am looking forward to many years as an Orthdox believer!!"



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