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Aidan’s Song - A Year In The Life Of A Parish Priest

June 21, 2010 Length: 22:50

On this special edition of the Orthodixie Podcast, Fr Joseph interviews the author of the new Conciliar Press book "Aidan's Song - A Year in the Life of a Parish Priest". The book has been compared to the "Far Side" cartoon and the TV show "Married With Children" -- but nothing quite compares to Fr Aidan Wilcoxson's singing a rather surprising number on this very podcast. "Aidan's Song" is an insightful, moving, and often hilarious personal snapshot of a year in the life of a parish priest -- Enjoy!

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"We purchased our grace radio and have been playing AFR 24 hours a day for the past two years. It has truly changed our lives and the lives of our children. They hear the hymns and see all of the icons in our house, and it gives context and focus to THE path. Our house has become our church every day, and AFR is a BIG part of that. I travel for work and listen to AFR on the road, and it sends me home. May God grant you a beautiful crown in heaven for this service."



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