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American [Orthodox Bishops] Top 40

May 28, 2010 Length: 14:54

As many of you know, an historic gathering took place this past week in New York City: All of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops (at least a goodly number of them) met to discuss matters which pertain to the Church in the Americas. The Orthodixie Podcast had a Man on the Street for the proceedings but, as this podcast is only updated about once a week,some of the information you are about to hear may seem contrary to other reports, or it may be a bit dated, or, frankly, it may be flat out untrue. (But have fun identifying the snippets of music in the podcast.)

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"Some weeks ago I "stumbled" across your radio station. This is the best thing that has happened in a long time. I truly enjoy the programs and discussions."

Danie from Mogale, South Africa


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