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Spooky-Doxy At The Stop-n-Drop

August 25, 2009 Length: 20:35

With the help of a prophecy of the fourth or fifth or fourteenth -- or fifteenth -- century, one thing's for certain: We are one day closer to the End of Time today than we were yesterday. But, in this 19th, oops, 20th, er, 21st century ... who's counting? In this episode Fr Joseph has a "come to Jesus meeting" with a modern day self-proclaimed "relevant prophet" in the hills of East Tennessee.

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"I am listener of Ancient Faith Radio for little over two years now. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful podcasts you put up throughout the year! They are so very educational and informative and they have and continue to change my life! I started listening to Ancient Faith Radio as a Protestant, and through your ministry, I am now a full member of the Holy Orthodox Church! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever! "



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