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Fr. Jonah on Why Be a Monk

June 26, 2007 Length: 59:12

In the final interview of the series with Father Jonah, Steve and Bill have a major meltdown during the first segment trying to explain that even though this is the last interview it was really the first one recorded. This program focuses on the Christian life and monasticism as one expression of living out the Gospel of Christ in community. In this program Fr. Jonah discusses his view of our modern culture, the spirit of the age, and marriage and family and its similarities to the monastic community. It serves as a summary of many of the things discussed in the other five programs.

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"I'm a big fan of AFR. I love so many of the podcasts and series. I've recently discovered your new video podcasts "Be the Bee" and Sr. Vassa and wanted to say how much I enjoy both of these new additions. Thank you and keep up the great work!"



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