Ancient Faith Radio

Program Notes - October 10, 2004
Icons in the Orthodox Faith - Part 3

Sayings from the Fathers

  1. A certain priest, an unfortunate man who had no knowledge of divine experience like that of St. Silouan, said to another person, "I wonder why they go to him, he does not read anything." The other replied, "He does not read anything, but he practices everything, unlike those who read a lot but do not do a thing."
    from An Athonite Gerontikon
  2. "If a man only theorises about God, then he is helpless, utterly helpless, when confronted by an evil spirit. An evil spirit laughs at feeble worldly theorising. But as soon as a man begins to fast and to pray to God, the evil spirit becomes filled with inexpressible fear."
    Blessed Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic
  3. When someone is beginning the spiritual life, he should not study a lot, but instead watch himself and guard his thoughts. A strong person is the one who chews well, not the one who eats a lot.
    Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain